Home (Bitter) Sweet Home

Touch down Detroit! I’m not actually a huge Lions fan, but I am a fan of my home state of Michigan. No matter how old I get, there is just nothing like driving through the familiar neighborhoods of my childhood, the expansive blue skies overhead, and the peerless comforts of home.

After a very smooth flight (thanks KLM) from Dubai with a layover in Amsterdam, I arrived in Detroit to a pain-free customs process on a cool summer morning. Jordon picked me up from the airport and we spent the next few hours at the Novi Mall sharing some much needed quality time after being separated for 3 weeks. We finished up the day with a delicious home cooked meal courtesy of my welcoming mother who always lavishes us with attention. Ahhh, home sweet home.

The next day we climbed onto Jordon’s beautiful Yamaha V-Star for a two-hour ride to Dowagic to visit Dad, Kathy, and Matt. It was a smooth drive that took us through the back roads of Michigan with colorful flowers growing wildly from the recent rains.

After a tour around downtown Dowagic, we shared a delicious dinner in the rustic and modern setting of Wood Fire Italian restaurant (highly recommended!). Cedar planked salmon and braised Italian pot-roast filled our bellies before we exchanged goodbyes and traveled back to East Lansing.

As the the stars grew across the evening sky and the fresh air filled my lungs, I had no idea that this would be the last time I would ever ride on the bike again. Bitter sweet indeed.

Not to leave you hanging without explanation – Jordon had a motorcycle accident at the end of the two week trip (turning it into a 3-week trip). Thankfully, he WAS wearing a helmet (contrary to the photos we took in my Mum’s neighborhood above) and although it was 6+ days in the hospital, we know it could have been far worse. It was a terrifically scary experience that made us both realize the inimitable value of our time together with family, friends, and one another. Life is so precious and we appreciate you all so very much!

For now, I will leave the details of the accident for a later post and move onto the next item in our timeline – Mackinaw Island!

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