Western Kyoto and the Arashiyama District in Japan

My first trip to Japan started out like a dream. Perhaps it is the amazing design work, the gorgeous kimonos, or the birthplace of sushi – but I have always wanted to visit. For that reason, it was a surreal experience to find myself on a plane headed to Kyoto, knowing that I would have the opportunity to explore, eat, and photograph to my heart’s content.
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From Dubai to Doha – Let’s Get Movin’

“We are moving to Qatar!”
Believe it or not, these five simple words have been met with a range of contrasting reactions. Our friends and family back home were overwhelming supportive of our move to Doha, although understandably disappointed that we were not yet heading back to the States. Friends and colleagues in Dubai were sad to see us go and their outpouring of love pulled at my heart strings again and again. Continue reading “From Dubai to Doha – Let’s Get Movin’”

A sweet good-bye to Dubai

I have some good news to share! In January of 2014 I will be moving to Doha to teach within the Graphic Design Department at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar. I am absolutely thrilled to begin working with the talented and dedicated faculty at VCUQ, but at the same time, it has been extremely difficult to say goodbye to some of the most loving students and wonderful friends I could have ever hoped to meet while living abroad.
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Tea in Hong Kong

My final post about my trip to Hong Kong is a tea exhibition. You might be wondering why the focus on tea? To be honest, it reminds me of home and all the things I miss about home sweet home. I enjoy drinking tea everywhere I visit, from the sweet minty taste of Moroccan tea to the saffron infused flavors of karak chai. But, there are particular memories that I relate specifically to tea.
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Hong Kong

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect of Hong Kong. Would it be a city filled with cultural elements similar to mainland China? Would it be a place thrust into the future with vertical sprawl reminiscent of movies like Total Recall? Would it be a space that felt strangely like home with smells and tastes reminiscent of a childhood lived with parents who practice Acupuncture and Oriental medicine?
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Motorcycle Accident

There are moments in life when u feel more cared for than you ever expected. When friends step up for you in the most thoughtful and unexpected ways. When you feel more loved than you ever thought you deserved. I feel so very thankful to recognize when I’m in the midst of one of those moments. In this moment, I want to thank our family, friends, and all the others who helped us on the road to recovery. Thanks for the warm messages, the delicious food, and the many miles of travel.

But where did this all begin? What happened to Jordon?
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Oslo Norway

During my trip to Norway this May for the DRS // CUMULUS 2013 Conference, I had the opportunity to do some sightseeing through the beautiful city of Oslo. Although the weather started out cold at the beginning of the week, we ended our journey with 80 degree days that had me rummaging through my suitcase to find something to wear that wasn’t woolen and warm. Continue reading “Oslo Norway”

National Day in Norway

The Norwegian Constitution Day is the National Day of Norway and it is an official holiday observed on the 17 of May each year. We all felt really lucky to have been able to spend this special day of the year in Oslo where it is popular for men, women, and children to wear local traditional outfits, called bunad. The children also make a lot of noise shouting “Hurra!” while singing, blowing whistles, waving flags, and shaking rattles during the Children’s Parade at the Royal Castle.
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Graffiti and Street Art in Oslo

The Norwegian city of Oslo weaves together classic architecture with contemporary design into a rich fabric of visual culture. Surrounding this potent mix of of stylistic approaches is a wonderful array of graffiti and street art. What designer wouldn’t love traveling through the streets to discover something new around each corner? As the saying goes – there was so much to see, in so little time.
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Field trip to Al Ain

One early morning last week, I boarded a bus with my class for a day long adventure to Al Ain to study a living oasis and understand approaches to sustainability using local resources. As part of the trip, we visited the Al Jahili Fort, along with a spring in one of the seven (!) breathtaking oases of Al Ain. We also visited a camel farm that produces camel milk and chocolate as a way to understand approaches to local food production.
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Middle East Film & Comic Con

We had a blast at the 2013 Middle East Film & Comic Con (MEFCC) in Dubai this Saturday afternoon. Exhibitions, contests, activities, creativity, and fun costumes make it the largest pop-culture and entertainment festival in the region. Yes we’re nerds… and proud of it! But seriously, the event is for everyone – “whether a committed cosplayer, a crazy collector, a casual comic reader, a gung-ho gamer or even just a connoisseur of creativity” there is something for everyone.
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Leftover Rice with Mushrooms

It seems like this always happens. We cook up a yummy dinner (like last nights coconut curry chicken) and we are faced with sooo much leftover rice. This is mostly because our rice-cooker only allows for a minimum of 3 cups of rice… and there is two of us… so the math doesn’t exactly work in our favor. Needless to say, I am always in search of a good way to make use of the the leftovers. Wouldn’t you know it, my friend had a yummy recipe to share!
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