The Village of Yunku

We have spent the past few days working within the Mayan Village of Yunku and it has been an amazing experience. Our time is split between working with the children at the Kids Camp, classes of Graphic Design (or Anthropology), siestas, interviewing villagers (for children stories to include in the book), and swimming at the pool.

In the evening, our students work with adults from the Village teaching basic English phrases. For instance, “hello, my name is” followed by “what is your name.” They generally teach us the same phrase in Maya in return, which is a lovely way to make the experience one of mutual sharing.

Without the burn of the hot sun we also take advantage of the cooler evenings to play with kids at the playground and form closer bonds with our new friends.

We do not have air conditioning and it has taken me a little while to get acclimated to the hot hot weather. I take a cold shower (not really by choice) every morning which is actually very refreshing… but you can’t just “stand” under the water like you normally would. We make our own breakfast and lunch with groceries bought at the store — and someone cooks a dinner for the group in the evening.

For a few nights we have been treated to a traditional Maya dinner (corn tortilla with chicken, avocado, onion, lime and cabbage) and it’s like a little piece of heaven in every bite.

The bugs are a little tough to deal with (we all have mosquito bites covering us) but there are screens on the doors and windows which make it comfortable indoors. Thank goodness I went out the night before I left and bought two bottles of bug spray!

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