Yucatán Peninsula

It has been a wonderful first few days! Travel has been easy, the food has been delicious, and everyone has been extremely welcoming.

After leaving at 4:30 am from my home in Cary (NC) I arrived at the Cancun airport (around noon) and easily found my travel companions from UNC. We were all excited to join the Peace College group who had been traveling in the Yucatán Peninsula for 3 weeks prior. As a collective, we would finish out the month with 10 days of service-learning in the small village of Yunku.

We started our trip towards Yunku with a four-hour drive across the Peninsula to the Capital City of Mérida. Based on the map above, this was loosely traveling from #5 to the area just above #35. The singular long road we traveled along was quite possibly the straightest road I have ever journeyed on. The countryside was beautiful, isolated and only had one major stop for gas and food.

Once we arrived in Mérida we spent the evening eating (more) delicious food, taking in the sites and meeting new friends.

In the morning we packed up our suitcases and headed towards the Lolton cave system for an amazing exploration down into the earth.

Following the caves we visited the ancient Mayan ruins of Labná (which means old or abandoned house). This unique set of ruins was filled with engraved design stone work, stylized masks, and zigzags to represent the feathered serpent.

In the evening we drove to the tiny rural village of Yunku – and – as we drove up the long gravel path we took in the view of the beautiful Hacienda we would call home for the next week.

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