Uxmal and the Rain God

Today we went into the city of Tikul, visited a pottery maker, and hiked a set of Mayan ruins called Uxmal. The day was terribly hot but everything was incredibly beautiful.

Uxmal (OOSH-mahl) means “built three times” in the Mayan language and it was truly an impressive site (1 kilometer in size).

Apparently Uxmal is one of the most well known of the Maya cities and rated by many archaeologists as the finest. There has been a lot of renovation work (although some believe architecturally incorrectly) and the site has outstanding facilities overall (cafeterias, souvenir shops and restrooms).

Carvings across the ruins include serpents, lattice work and masks of the god Chac (the Rain God).

The crazy thing is that as our tour of the site came to an end, a HUGE rain storm came down on us. We knew it was looming over us but a group of us really wanted to climb to the top of the pyramid. Wouldn’t you know it… right as we reached the top of the pyramid… we felt the rain start to fall. Oh Chac!

As we headed down the steep steps as fast as we could (while trying to be safe) the sky opened up. There really wasn’t a place to shelter ourselves so we just decided to walk back to the entrance of the site in the rain. It was an incredible experience seeing the rain beat against the ruins and the wind whip the trees back and forth.

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