Things I Miss

When you move to another country there are always things you expect to miss. Friends, family and even your pets (shout-out to Leia and Chewy). But after living in Dubai for the past month there are other things that I miss. Things you might be surprised by.

Just what do I miss exactly? I’m glad you asked.

Free Water
In a country made up of desert and barren lands, it’s no surprise that clean water is hard to come by. You have to pay for drinking water at  ALL the restaurants and you have to buy it for your home. So much for “saving money” by having a water with your meal when you go out to eat. At home, we’re only using tap water for showers, laundry, dish washing, and brushing our teeth. But full-on consumption of tap water is absolutely not happening. I’m actually going to ask my Mum to send us a water filter (Brita perhaps?) so we can stop buying all these PLASTIC water bottles that are quickly finding their way to the trash.

Jordon and I are both feeling extremely guilty that we are not recycling all the waste we are producing. We are so used to recycling every little possible thing -and- it just feels “wrong” to throw something away. From Styrofoam plates, to food packaging and ALL those empty plastic water bottles we’ve been using. The infrastructure of the country doesn’t seem prepared (or willing) to take on the challenge, but I certainly hope something is done soon. My guilty earth-conscience can’t take it!

It’s totally illegal here. I’ve been sick for the past few days and I would kill for some Night Time Cough & Cold version. It’s funny though, there are other things you can get over the counter without any problem at all. Antibiotics, birth control and a variety of other meds that require a doctors prescription in the States.

Garbage Disposal
I’m not sure why we don’t have one in our apartment and if that’s normal? Either way, doing dishes without a garbage disposal is such a pain! As you might imagine, we have to scrape out food chunks from the sink and put them in the trash. lame.

Sockets in the Bathroom
For some reason our bathrooms (and the Villa Rotana bathroom) do not have electrical sockets. So I’m using the guest bedroom to dry my hair in the morning. I know this is a minor thing, but I really do miss being able to do my hair *in* the bathroom (and in front of a mirror).

My Own Car
I’ve been carpooling to work every day since we got here (besides the one day I had to take a taxi in by myself). Luckily, one of my (super nice) colleagues (from New Zealand) has been letting me ride with him. He and his wife live just three stories down from us in our apartment (on the 23rd floor) and they have been extremely generous in so many ways. Jordon and I are planning on getting a car in a month or two, but we’re not in a rush. We still feel like we need to learn the city more and the driving is absolutely crazy!

This list could go on, but now I’m wondering… what do you miss?