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For those of you who are starting from the beginning… welcome! This is a blog dedicated to my journey across the world to teach design in Dubai. It is about adventure, friendship and embracing the unknown.

It is also a way for friends and family to keep up with what’s happening in my life on a more day to day basis and share in the fun. There will inevitably be good days and bad days. Days where travel is amazing and days where all I want to do is go home. I will come back with stories to share, things to teach, and advice on wonderful places to visit. I hope you will stick with me as the time to come back home gets closer and closer.

I am already missing each and every one of you and (I hope you) ENJOY!


2 Replies to “The Travel Blog”

  1. Hi Denielle! Your mom gave me this blog address. I am sending you and Jordon all the best energy for your Dubai adventure. My cousin from Central America LOVES Dubai and says you will too. Thanks for this place to keep in touch .

    Love, Sarita

  2. Denielle and Jordon, cried when you left but know its time to let you fly, I did the same thing to my parents, travelling, leaving home, life lessons never possible other wise. along with great newly formed friends across the country and world. The privilage of giving birth to Denielle and Gavin. Yes this week Gavin takes a big step forward to college at Hope, to study and play soccer.

    I love the quote , ” Your children are not yours just loaned to you,until you let them fly free”.to move on to their lives you molded for them.

    Proud of you Denielle, and look forward to the women you become while on your journey.

    Love to you both be safe.

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