The Island City of Ayutthaya

On our first full day in Thailand we slept in until 10am (6am in Dubai) and headed down to the lobby for a complimentary breakfast after packing our bags to leave. Jordon had arranged for a driver to pick us up that morning to take us to the city of Ayutthaya (a world heritage site) and we were excited to see some of Thailand’s countryside.

For our breakfast we both ordered shrimp fried rice which Jordon called -I quote- “the best fried rice I have ever eaten” and I would have to agree. Perfectly seasoned and slightly sweet, I would eat it every morning if I could (however strange that may seem).

Bangkok to Ayutthaya

The driver was waiting patiently for us in the parking lot and we hopped into the mini-van for the two hour journey up North. As we slowly drove into the island city of Ayutthaya we were in absolute awe of all of the temples we passed by. At this point it finally sunk in that we were *IN* THAILAND and how excited we were.

We were welcomed to the Old Palace Resort by a smiling 16 year old girl named Bo who was wearing a pink polo shirt and her hair pulled back in a pony tail. The Old Palace Resort is a charming family run bed & breakfast with private bungalows, a small restaurant, and the friendliest staff you will ever meet.

After showing us to our room, Bo pulled out a map of the island and pointed out a half dozen temples we would visit (tomorrow) on our tuk-tuk tour. She also recommended a few temples we could visit on foot and told us about a private boat tour for 600 baht ($20 dollars). It didn’t take much convincing to have us signing up for a 4 o’clock tour around the island.

As we waited for our afternoon trip, we walked down the street for a short exploration of our surroundings. It took us less than 5 minutes before we came across the Wat Naphrameru Rajika Ram temple.

Wat Naphrameru Rajika Ram

We gave a 20 baht donation (less than $1 dollar) as we walked onto the grounds and removed our sandals to enter the temple.

We were welcomed inside by a massive pure-gold Buddha and the scent of burning incense.

After seeing a few Thai tourists take photos posing in front of the giant Buddha – we realized photography was completely welcome at this site. Commence the photo-shoot!

Donations were also more than welcome in the slew of boxes located throughout the temple and bills could be stapled to metal trees.

The temple was surrounded by lush gardens and we took our time strolling through the beautiful shrines found therein.

After about 2 hours at the temple we walked back to the resort and decided to grab a bite to eat. All of the meals at the Resort were home-cooked by the owner (Bo’s Mom) and were absolutely divine.

Even though we had only been in Ayutthaya for a few hours, Jordon and I were already vowing to come back to this fantastic little Resort. Great food, wonderful location, and kind hosts to the Island city. What more could you ask for?

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