The High Life in Bangkok

Our last full day in Thailand started out in Kanchanaburi and ended at the 4.5 star Suvarnabhumi Suite in Bangkok. We were both starting to feel the exhaustion from the non-stop activity and after the 4 hour drive to the city through terrible traffic, we planned a low-key day for ourselves. We visited the well-known Sky Bar at The Dome Bangkok and took care of some last minute shopping for gifts for friends & family back home.

We checked into our beautiful hotel and couldn’t wait to relax that evening with the impending 10 hour flight back to Dubai less than a day away.

We dressed up for the first time during the vacation so we could visit the Sky Bar, one of the world’s highest open air bars offering panoramic views of Bangkok and featured in the movie Hangover 2.

Wow. I can’t believe our first journey to Thailand has finally come to an end. It feels like we have seen and done so much that it could have been a full month that we were here. We initially thought this would be a one-time holiday, but we are already planning our next trip to see some of the cities we didn’t have a chance to visit. Affordable, friendly, and gorgeous scenery – why wouldn’t we want to visit again? Look out Thailand, we’ll be back!

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