Pure Michigan

Family vacation in Michigan is something I look forward to every Summer. Not only do I appreciate the lovely mild weather of this Northern State, but the relaxation that comes with being taken care of by family while visiting home.

The teaching load leading up to Summer break is usually stressful with final projects, grading, and committee work. But this year, I had the added challenge of an intensive 5-week summer school semester during Ramadan (teaching back-to-back courses with no coffee or water – yikes). As you can imagine, I was looking forward to some time off to enjoy the blue skies and expansive lakes of Pure Michigan.

This Summer, my trip back to the States was slated as yet another whirlwind adventure – taking us from one side of Michigan to the other, from one Great Lake to the next. The agenda spanned a wedding in Dearborne, a bachelorette weekend in Grand Rapids, a weekend on Mackinaw Island, 3-days of relaxation at a resort in Crystal Mountain, and a series of thrill-rides at Cedar Point Amusement Park (in Ohio).

During the trip, we enjoyed the exquisite flavors of Michigan including fresh fish from the Great Lakes, cherries from the orchards of Traverse City, and cavity-inducing fudge from Mackinaw Island.

Our favorite family phrases this year were “ding dang” (or “ding dang ding” if it was really good), koo-wie (an Aboriginal call to determine ones whereabouts in the bush), “somewhere in time” (from the 1980 film Somewhere in Time, starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour that was filmed on Mackinaw Island), and “like a boss.”

Last summer I made the mistake of leaving blogging until “later” and somehow i never got around to posting photos or writing. This year, I promised myself to do better, since I love having a record of our adventures together as a family. So if you’re interested in following along on my two-week adventure in Michigan (with a sprinkling of Ohio) stay tuned for the next few posts!

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