Paper Squirrel

I am a pack rat (of sorts). If it’s shoes, clothes, books, tech equipment, or graphic design – I squirrel it away. This is absolutely true of my paperwork from school. Whether from classes I’ve taken or classes I’ve taught – I have a piece of paper for it.

I actually have kept so much paperwork that I have it neatly stored in a nice line of shelves in a closet in the guest bedroom in addition to the bookshelves in my office. I’m a nerd, I know (and kinda proud of it). Admittedly, it doesn’t just sit around and collect dust. It is used as a resource, namely for teaching.

But what if you have to move across the globe? What do you do with all of these “resources” that you can’t bring with you? They are my safety blanket and I swear I need them.

The solution in my case?
You scan.
You scan for days.
I think I’ll be scanning until the day we leave.


Thanks to Bonnie Gail Cook I was able to finish all of my scanning before I left. If it wasn’t for her help I would have never come close to getting it all done. Thank you Bonnie, you are a true angel on earth.

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    1. Thanks Annie… although I think I will be (eek!). I know you had to do the same thing… how long did it take you?
      I miss you so much!

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