Mumbai, India

Jordon and I had short and wonderful trip to Mumbai, India during the first week of March. The purpose of the trip was for me to present my recent research (and paper) at the Typography Day Conference (held at IDC, ITT, India). Preparation for the conference has been a pain-stacking process and is a huge reason I have not been updating this blog as often as I would like (sorry!).

We flew Emirates Airlines for the first time and were greeted with hot hand towels, lemon juice, and a menu for lunch within the first few minutes of the flight. They also had similar stickers to the ones found on Qatar Airways that I love so much, so I had to share them with you.

Lunch on the plane was actually very good, filled with choices ranging from vegetarian Indian (no surprise) to a traditional chicken plate.

Admittedly, we had a lot of good luck during the trip. For some reason we were upgraded to a 5-star hotel when we went to check-in to our hotel (the sister hotel). Surprisingly to us, the Ramada is a 5-star hotel in India (who knew?) and filled with tall ceilings, tons of vegetarian options, and modern interior design.

On top of that, our room was also upgraded since they did not have a comparable room available once we arrived. What a nice treat!

We felt more than lucky to stay in such a beautiful place, especially considering all the extreme poverty found throughout the city of Mumbai. The extremes between rich and poor are significant, often hard to rationalize and fully understand face to face.

“Thankful” simply can’t express our feeling of gratitude to all the opportunities we have experienced lately and the trip to India is no exception.

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