Ethiopian Restaurant in Dubai

Finally! We have our parcel of goodies from home after two days of “adventures” to the Deira Main Post Office. The journey was actually a great way to see a part of Dubai we normally wouldn’t explore and we found some great food along the way. Thanks to the ease of the Metro, some tasty Ethiopian food, and our box of gifts – it was a fantastic day.

Just a few blocks away from the post office (on Abu Hail Road) is a row of Ethiopian restaurants and (of course) we tried one out for lunch. We decided to try our luck at Milen Ethiopian Restaurant and couldn’t have been happier with our meal. It was not only delicious and extremely affordable (only 32 drhms for lunch) but the service was great.

We were the only customers (after arriving late in the day) and it was a great opportunity to snap a few photos of the interior of this small charming restaurant.

While we waited for our food to arrive, we broke into our long-awaited box all the way from Indiana (thanks Kevin and Kathy!).

Jordon was thrilled with his birthday present, along with the box of cake mix and frosting (so thoughtful!)…. but I’m wondering if he was actually more excited about the Big Boy Season Salt?!

I have to confess… I couldn’t wait until Christmas to open my present… and I absolutely LOVE my new scarf. Thank you!

A few minutes later our lunch arrived and we were in 7th heaven. A vegetarian platter + 2 cokes for under $10 dollars – yes please!

On the way home we used the Union Square Station (in Deira) to transfer between the Red and Green lines of the Dubai Metro.

We’ve been wondering what is outside of the Union Square Station station, so we decided to take a few minutes to look around.

There is a beautiful large fountain just steps away from the entrance and there seemed to be a few hotels and restaurants within walking distance.

We didn’t go too far after spending a few minutes walking around and realizing we were located amongst a lot of government offices and buildings.

Although it was a nice opportunity to see a few of the buildings that we normally only see tucked into the skyline, I can’t imagine spending a lot of time in this area in the future.

Back to the Metro and headed home for the day! I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before how nice the Metro system is in Dubai – it’s a smooth, clean, and safe trip to any part of town. There is an optional “women’s section” at the front of the train that is always less crowded and if I’m by myself I always try to make my way to that section.

The stations themselves are easy to navigate and some have some absolutely stunning lighting that you wouldn’t expect to see in a public transportation venue. My only complaint is that the Metro doesn’t reach every part of the city and you can’t rely on it to get to all the place you might like to go (including the University). It’s still very new and I only hope it continues to expand (fingers crossed).

…And ….finally we are home sweet home. Jordon can’t stop playing his new game and I’m about to start packing for our trip to Thailand in two days. So excited!

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  1. I love that the box arrived and that Jord was all excited, especially about the big boy season salt 🙂 You are very welcome for your scarf, it was made in India of silk. You look beautiful in it 🙂 thank you for taking us on your journey with you, it is always fun to read your blog and look at the pictures. Love and miss you both.

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