Mac in the middleast

I have been dying to get my hands on my new computer all Summer and thankfully the University got it to me just before classes got started this Fall. It is a Middle East formatted 17 inch MacBook Pro with an Arabic and Latin keyboard (cool right?!). Another interesting aspect of teaching in the Middle East is the need for a smooth integration of Arabic Typefaces into InDesign. This is where Tasmeem comes into play. Tasmeem integrates modern typefaces with traditional calligraphy, giving designers the flexibility and creativity they require for Arabic type integration.

What I didn’t think about was all the software updates that would need to be installed on the new computer. I didn’t consider the font management issues that would arise and the overall time-suckage that comes with adjusting the preferences to *my* liking. The University is using a slightly older version of the Adobe Creative Suites (CS4) and since ALL of my files are in CS5 I had to get it installed pretty quickly. I also needed to get iWork onto my computer since I despise Powerpoint (oops – did I say that out loud).

I think I’ve got everything set up correctly, but I’m still not 100% confident I can leave my old Mac at home just yet. That poor thing has been a headache-and-a-half lately to say the least. It unexpectedly freezes on a daily basis and drives me absolutely insane. To its credit, it has dedicated a solid 5 years of its life to making my design life run smoothly and I have loved it dearly.

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