Hotel Atlantis (The Palm)

A good friend of ours celebrated his 30th Birthday last week and we joined him at the Levantine Restaurant (at the Hotel Atlantis on the Palm) for his birthday bash. I hate to sound like such a critic, but we won’t be going back to eat at this overpriced Lebanese restaurant after being completely underwhelmed by the perfectly average food.

Don’t get me wrong, everything tasted great – it just wasn’t worth 4-times the cost of the same meal we can get elsewhere in town. Seriously, we can go to the food-court at the Dubai Mall and be just as happy with the same level of Lebanese cuisine for a fraction of the amount. We actually did just that the following evening for dinner.

I imagine the prices for Levantine are matched to the extravagance of the Hotel Atlantis that the restaurant lives within (my apologies for the blurry image from the taxi). This awe-inspiring hotel is a modern aquatic-themed playground for adults and children alike. It is Disney meets Dubai in so many ways.

We didn’t get to see all it has to offer, but we would LOVE to spend a weekend splashing in its water-park and sleeping in an “underwater” room. That’s right, on the bottom floor the hotel rooms have floor-to-ceiling glass walls that allow you to see into the giant aquarium. Falling asleep to a view akin to the world of “Little Mermaid” sounds fun, right?

We’re hoping we can have this unique hotel experience when family come to visit us in Dubai next year (hint, hint). In the meantime, I’ve included a few photos I shot during the evening of birthday fun.

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