Happy Thanksgiving!

We were suppose to spend this Thanksgiving with my friend Brandee in Al Ain yesterday, but with a last minute change of plans we decided to stay home and try and cook our own meal. I’m sure everyone back home had a similar feast, but in Dubai this is considered a truly unique meal. In the end, we were pretty proud of our final spread and felt closer to home by actually cooking the dinner from scratch ourselves. Here’s what we cooked:

Apple Pie

Honey Roasted Carrots

Sweet Potato Casserole


Mashed Potatoes



But the photo I took of the final (small) turkey turned out blurry – boo. Here it is before being popped into the oven.

Late that night, after watching a New Zealand Zombie flick with our friends from downstairs, we enjoyed a second helping of dinner (with a side of the sitcom “Friends”). A perfect ending to a perfectly serendipitous day.

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    1. Awwww, I love that you remember that Andrea. I hope you’ve been celebrating your own serendipitous serenity lately. hugs and love.

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