Friday Brunch at the Pyramids Hotel

Friday brunch is a huge affair for expats here in Dubai. It is the first day of the weekend and a religious day akin to the Western world’s Sunday. After a long week at work or a Thursday night out on the town, the Dubai brunch is the perfect way to relax with friends and/or family. But this brunch is like no other brunch I have ever experienced before.

Brunch is an institution in and of itself and the more elaborate, the better. These HUGE affairs take place at large International hotels all over the city and often include live music. It’s a true “social event” that begins around 12 noon and lasts for hours and hours… literally. We’ve enjoyed two Friday bunches so far and didn’t leave until at least 4 pm each time.

This Friday we went to a Hotel called Pyramids, which is themed after (well, as you might have guessed) the Great Pyramids.

The Pyramids Hotel offers mix & match cuisine from 4 different restaurants and includes Italian, British, Asian, Seafood and even Indian dishes. yum. yum. yum!

Brunch is a delicious and glutenous weekend tradition that is not only a feast for your belly, but also a feast for your eyes. The meal (if you can even call it that) can range in price from anywhere between $40 to $150 per person (easily) depending on the Hotel/Restaurant and can include alcohol (if you want) or simply juices/sodas. We have only enjoyed the “low” end of this spectrum and were absolutely amazed by the amount, quality and variation of dishes. I have to admit, we’re already looking forward to our next Friday brunch!

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