Erawan Trekking Adventure

Well rested and excited to start the day, we enjoyed an early breakfast at the resort before our 8am pickup for the Erawan Trekking Adventure. During the tour we hiked the Erawan Falls, swam in 2 of the tiers, rode an elephant, traveled the River Kwai on a bamboo raft, visited the Krasae Cave, took a trip on the Death railway, and stood on the famous bridge over the River Kwai. Talk about a memorable (and exhausting) day!

Erawan Waterfalls

We were picked up at our resort in Kanchanaburi and driven by mini-van (with 8 other people) to the Erawan National Park. We spent 3 hours at the Park trekking up the steep natural trail along 7 tiers of splendid waterfalls. We swam at two of the tiers, saw monkeys along the way, and had our feet nibbled by the overly familiar fish who live in the waters. Yes, these fish were super creepy! We both tried to make a lot of movement in the water to discourage them from “cleaning you” as our guide explained.

Elephant Camp

After a quick lunch at a small restaurant at the entrance to the Falls, the mini-van took us to an elephant camp. During the ride, we slowly waded into the River to cool off and I actually got to ride directly on the elephant for a short time (while Jordon rode in the typical seating).

Bamboo Rafting

Next, we journeyed along the River Kwai on a bamboo raft that was pulled UP the river by a motor boat and guided DOWN by paddle.

Krasae Cave

Back to the mini-van and onto the next site where we paid homage to the World War II POW’s forced to work on the railway in Thailand. We visited the Krasae Cave outside of the infamous Death Railway where a Buddha sits as a memorial to the lives lost during its construction.

Death Railway

The Death Railway runs parallel to the River Kwai and was constructed by the blood, sweat, tears, and deaths of WWII POW’s. After paying our respects to the area, our group boarded the widely used train to admire some of the beautiful Kanchanaburi countryside.

Bridge over the River Kwai

After a relaxing journey on the train we were quickly guided back to the mini-van and taken to the famous Bridge over the River Kwai for the last leg of our trip.

We met a wonderful (American) couple during our adventure and had a fantastic dinner together at the Resort after a fun-filled (tiring) day together.

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