Dubai Museum

It might surprise you to know that Dubai has a rich history that dates back long before its architectural wonders of the 21st century. Constructed from sea rocks and gypsum, the Al Fahaidi Fort was built around 1800 and thought to be the oldest building in the area.

Located at a cross-roads on international routes, it was built to defend the town of Dubai from foreign attacks.

Dubai Municipality completed restoration work on the Fort in 1994 in accordance with its policy of preserving the historical sites of Dubai. The Fort is now known as the Dubai Museum and it proudly houses archeological discoveries from Dubai dating back to 3,000 BC.

The main entrance door to the Fort is made of solid teak and studded with large iron nails.

The ancient cannon in the northeast tower has been there since the tower was built, whereas the one I’m standing next to is a “newer” model.

In the southwest tower, visitors are guided through a tunnel of history in words, pictures, holograms and life sized displays.

Exploring the Museum is a fantastic way to spend a few hours getting to know the history of the beautiful city of Dubai.

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