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You wouldn’t think it would be difficult to find the post-office, but today we learned that it’s all about finding the “right” post office. Let me back up a bit. Up until now, I haven’t had any problems with my mail or packages being delivered directly to campus. But for some odd reason, a package from home (that Jordon has been impatiently waiting on) was delivered to the Deira Main Post Office this week. Apparently this happens occasionally and there is no telling why.

We’ve been pretty easy-going about minor hiccups like this, but we didn’t expect the post-office would be clear across town. No big deal, we’ll get to explore another part of the city, right? But after taking two Metro lines (red and green), three blocks of walking, and feeling confused in a small post-office in the heart of Diera – we realized we were at the *wrong* Deira Post Office. Doh!

We were told to go to the “Main” post-office (which we thought we were at) and that it was located on Sharjah Road. At this point, we stopped trying to find it ourselves (+ save money) and grabbed a taxi.

  • Us: “Please take us to the “Main” post-office.”
  • Taxi Driver: “Which post-office? The one near the Hospital or the one in the Abu Hail Area?”
  • Us: “We have no idea. Let’s go with Abu Hail?”

How lucky were we with our guess? Very!

We arrived safe and sound at the VERY LARGE post-office – only to discover that you can’t pick up any packages after 2pm. It was 3:30pm. Doh. So yes, we’re going back tomorrow.

You might think this post is a little bit of a pointless rant, which it could be. But I thought this information might be useful for another Expat trying to locate this (difficult to find) post-office. So for the google-searcher looking for the way to the main Deira post-office, here’s what I can offer.


The Deira Main Post Office is located near the “Labor Office” and the “Century Mall” on Al Khaleej Road in the Abu Hail Area. It is nestled amongst some large buildings and is just a few blocks from the Abu Hail Metro Station.

If you’re taking the Metro (from Downtown Dubai) go towards Rashidiya on the red line. Get off at the Union Station and switch to the green line going towards Etisalat. Get off at the Abu Hail (17) stop. When you’re leaving the Metro, go left towards Abu Hail Rd (and the buses). Cross the street and continue walking straight past the Abu Hail (Shopping) Center. Take your next right onto Al Khaleej Road (there wasn’t any street signs marking it though). Walk down two blocks and straight through the roundabout. The post office will be on your right. It’s a short walk so don’t worry about it taking too long.

I hope this helps, we sure could have used the information this morning. Oh well, isn’t this part of the fun of learning a new city?

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  1. I feel bad you didn’t get it, especially after I saw Jord’s face. I’m glad you got to pick it up today and can’t wait to see the pictures of that.

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