Crowne Plaza (Festival City)

We will be spending the next 10 days in the gorgeous Crowne Plaza 5-star Hotel and we’re absolutely loving it so far! It is located along the Dubai Creek and directly next to Festival City (an area with a huge mall and tons of restaurants).

We are staying on the 12th floor in a room that has its very own doorbell (!?) along with buttons for house keeping, lights, music, and more.

Simply click the button on the inside of the room and it will signal housekeeping to come with a subtle glowing light outside.

Our room is spacious with numerous accommodations and a even a welcome screen displaying our last name.

There was fresh fruit, drinks, coffee and more to make us feel immediately comfortable.

There is a unique glass wall between the main room and the bathroom (with blinds that can be closed or opened).

In the evening I took a hot bath and watched (through the window) one of the many DVDs Jordon brought along.

We finally went to bed around 3am and happily enjoyed the complimentary pillow spray and aromatherapy from the hotel.

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