Camping in Oman

Last weekend we went camping in Oman for the first time and had an absolutely amazing experience! Since this was our first camping trip in the UAE, we didn’t have any gear to call our own besides a newly purchased tent and set of chair(s) from Carefour. Luckily our friends had all the camping equipment, a great jeep for trekking across the rough terrain, and knew the perfect beach to set up camp for the weekend.

After a 3 hour journey from Dubai to Oman, we found ourselves climbing into a boat with our collective supplies. We were filled with excitement to see the area we would be camping for the weekend – an area only accessible by boat.

After a short 15 minute trip on the boat, we finally saw the small private beach we would be camping on for the weekend – and it was absolutely gorgeous!

We did have to clean up the beach a little before we set up camp since the beach collects some of the trash that washes up from the ocean. If you look closely in the photo below, you can see the edge of our campsite on the far left side.

Check out Jordon sitting on the rocks admiring the view

We started the fire around 4 o’clock so the coals and rocks could heat up for cooking dinner (New Zealand style)

As the night continued on, we lit oil lamps and placed them in the rocks around the campsite. It was a beautiful way to spend the evening and enjoy the delicious (obligatory) smores.

That night the wind rushed through the mountains and our tents – with a sandy reminder that it was the middle of the winter and perhaps a harsher time to go camping. But the next morning, we awoke to the most incredible view and happily started our day with a swim.

As our weekend in Oman came to end we took the boat back to the jeep and ventured into some other nearby areas.

We came across a graveyard for a nearby village where graves are marked by a single rock or stone.

But a few graves had more elaborate markings

All in all, it was an incredible weekend camping! We came home desperate for a shower and realizing how much equipment we needed for the next trip. Of course, one of our “new” chairs broke during the first day(!) and we don’t even own a chilly bin. But one thing is for sure, we can’t wait to go camping again!

11 Replies to “Camping in Oman”

  1. What an amazing camp site its seems like you could get LAST if you get my drift.

    Its so lovely and the evening looked so wonderful, by the camp site.Amazing grave yard.

  2. I made a BIG spelling mistake and could not edit so here it is Denielle

    YOU could get LOST on that Island wish I was there looks like fun

    1. Hi Rob,

      We actually had friends take us directly to the site – so we didn’t need a tour guide. Our friends had camped in the location before and they knew how to direct one of the boats to the location. We paid the boat to drop us off and pick us up at the end of the weekend. It’s completely doable on your own as long as you feel comfortable with the navigating to the boat drop off and know the location of the campsite. Unfortunately, I don’t these exact details to direct you any further. Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

    1. Hey there! We took a boat from the city of Khasab (Arabic: خصب‎) which is an exclave of Oman. Sorry I don’t have more specific directions, but I hope you find it!

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