Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai (Mainland Dubai) is a historic district located on the western side of the Dubai Creek. The area is jam packed with small shops, souqs, loads of apartments, several mosques and an abra boat station. Jordon came here a few weeks ago to have a suit tailored at the textile souq and was really impressed with the area.

I have been itching to visit this side of town so we decided to hop on the Metro (with the trusty camera) and head out for an afternoon of exploring. By mistake, we arrived a few hours before everything opens (around 5pm) but I still feel like I had a good opportunity to experience this very unique and older side of Dubai.

Bur Dubai is home to a large population of Indians and Pakistanis and many of the stores had Diwali decorations in the windows and across the signage.

Tall apartments fill the same streets as many of these stores.

There are lots of dark and narrow alleyways from the buildings practically built on top of each other.

The (only) Iranian Mosque in Dubai is found in Bur Dubai and is a beautiful structure sitting amongst a sea of tan and gray buildings.

No need to worry about not being able to read Arabic, many signs across the city utilize iconography to show you the way. This sign points the way to the Abra (boating) Station.

The Abra Station will take you across the Dubai Creek to the Spice Market, Gold Souq and much more shopping.

We ate lunch at a “Southern Fried Chicken” restaurant found within a giant Carrefour grocery store in Bur Dubai. This particular Carrefour is actually built as a stand alone building – which is rare in a city where most of the grocery stories are located within the Mall(s).

At the “Southern Fried Chicken” restaurant, I ordered a “veggie burger” and Jordon chose “chicken in a pita.” Not very “Southern” if you ask me – but tasty nonetheless.

I am in love with the spice sections of many of the large grocery stores here in Dubai – they are not only beautiful but super affordable. This is only one side of the spice section in Carrefour! Unfortunately I was told there was “no photography” in the grocery store after I shot off a few photos. boooo.

Notice how expensive the Cardamon seeds are compared to the other spices.

As we entered the Metro to head back home, we noticed this sign written in 5 different languages to make sure EVERYONE understands: “Carrying Fish is not allowed on the metro”

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