Buddha Bar

The Buddha Bar (at the Grosvenor House) is a swanky restaurant catered to the elite lifestyle Dubai is so well known for. Since I am nothing near elite, I probably would have never enjoyed the extravagance of this fine dining experience had I not been invited by a lovely friend of mine from Qatar.

The atmosphere is out of the world and you cant beat the effect of the huge central atrium with the massive Buddha looming down over everyone.

There are plenty of small intimidate areas with low lighting for a more personalized experience.

The (women’s) bathroom was filled with thematic details and I just *had* to take a few photos to share with you.

With all this elaborate decoration, wouldn’t you expect the food to be out of this world? Well, I’m sad to say (in my humble opinion) it was only OK… especially for the price. The dumplings were fine and the sushi platter was average at best.

I guess my problem with the whole thing was the food just didn’t coincide with the extravagant prices. I mean, would you pay 450 drhms (approximately $125 dollars) for this sushi? I doubt it. In NC, my favorite local Sushi restaurant (just two short minutes from my house) would knocks the socks off this platter any day… and I can’t help but miss home for it.

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