Bag Lady

Have you ever had one of those days when you realize that half of your closet is filled with things you haven’t worn for years? or you have clothes that you keep planning to wear, but never do? This couldn’t be more true for me.

Boy do I need to purge… and I mean now. I haven’t decided if I’m going to have a garage sale, if it should go straight to Good-Will, or if I should try a swap shop like or

Either way it goes, I’m really having to cut back – especially when considering how to fit my entire closet into 4 bags (or less). That’s right 4 bags. Luckily, the University is paying for 2 additional bags on top of the “allowed” 2 bags the airline grants us. But still, if most of us were asked to put all of our belongings in 4 bags we would laugh (right?). I’m thinking… where do all the shoes fit? what about the cute pair of boots I bought last month? What if we visit London and I need cold weather clothes? What about all the electronics my husband and I can’t live without? The external hardrive, Xbox360, guitar, 2 laptops… you get the idea. Let’s not even mention the hockey stick my husband just has to bring with us.

All I can say is – it’s going to be one crazy day at the airport!

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