Ayutthaya River Tour

The city of Ayutthaya was more than we could have imagined with glittering golden towers and ancient stone temples on every city block. Late in the afternoon of our first day we took a beautiful boat trip around the city’s perimeter with a soft breeze gently cooling us off from the hot day. During the tour we stopped to venture inside Wat Panan Choeng and Wat Phutthaisawan. Both were absolutely amazing in their own right.

Would you believe the owner of our Resort drove us to the drop-off point for the boat tour? So nice! As soon as the car stopped our tour guide opened the car door and lead us directly to her wooden boat.

Within minutes of the tour we started to see the gorgeous temples of the island. From golden and glimmering – to – ancient and crumbling >> each view was breathtaking.

Along the way, we stopped at Wat Panan Choeng which houses a MASSIVE Buddha unlike anything you can imagine. Honestly, none of my pictures do any of these locations the justice they deserve.

We also had the opportunity to stop at the ancient and stunning site of Wat Phutthaisawan.

As the sun set and the tour came to an end, we witnessed one of the most spectacular views of the day. Simply gorgeous.

We ended our trip at a market located directly next to the dock and we walked amongst the many food vendors lined along the city square.

For some reason, neither us was worried about taking the plunge into the unknown. That’s right, we sampled the street food… and loved it!

We watched some lovely young ladies cook up a tuna motabab. Delicious!!

Jordon tried something that looked like sausage on a stick. He happily inhaled it.

We ended our feast with a yummy noodle concoction where you picked out which items you wanted and they were cooked on the spot with noodles.

It was a breeze to grab a tuk-tuk back to the resort and we ended our day with a couples Thai massage. It was completely relaxing and offered the kind of deep tissue work that makes the stress knots just melt away. Heaven.

It’s now late in the evening and we just finished up a delicious late night snack (it’s dinner time in Dubai) on the porch of the Resort (cooked again by the incredible owner).

We are heading to bed soon and I am happy to report I am loving this trip so far!

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