• Bag Lady

    Have you ever had one of those days when you realize that half of your closet is filled with things […]
  • Last Day in Mexico

    Our last full day in the Yucatán Peninsula has been fantastic. Thankfully I was able to sleep on the (4 […]
  • Uxmal and the Rain God

    Today we went into the city of Tikul, visited a pottery maker, and hiked a set of Mayan ruins called […]
  • Kids Camp

    All of us have adored working with the children at the Kids Camp. The children are split up (loosely) according […]
  • The Village of Yunku

    We have spent the past few days working within the Mayan Village of Yunku and it has been an amazing […]
  • Melipona Bees

    Today we had the unique and rare opportunity to meet one of the leaders of the Yunku community who is a […]
  • Yucatán Peninsula

    It has been a wonderful first few days! Travel has been easy, the food has been delicious, and everyone has […]
  • Passport Madness

    I finally received my sparkly new passport in the mail yesterday and I'm halfway to the point of relief. I […]
  • It’s Only a Name

    Jordon and I just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary this June (27th) and all I keep thinking is where has […]
  • It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

    …and we’re definitely not snoring! It’s our first night in Orlando and we’re enjoying an incredible storm from our hotel window. […]
  • The Travel Blog

    For those of you who are starting from the beginning... welcome! This is a blog dedicated to my journey across […]
  • Manitou Springs

    I had a whirlwind vacation with friends and family in Manitou Springs (Colorado) this past weekend. We were visiting the […]
  • Bilingual Design

    An interesting aspect of my first trip to the Middle East was the extensive bilingual branding and typography found throughout […]
  • Babytastic

    We had a lovely baby shower for my friend Courtney this past Sunday filled with good friends, good eats, and […]