• Qatar Family Trip 2014

    What a fantastic way to spend the end of 2014! I loved every minute I spent exploring Qatar with Gavin, Jordon, […]
  • Italy Summer 2014

    During the Summer of 2014, Jordon and I spent three weeks exploring the history, architecture, sites, and (absolutely delicious) food […]
  • Ghibli Museum in Mitaka Japan

    Ghibli Museum is an absolute must-see for anyone visiting Japan. Located on the west side of Tokyo, the museum showcases […]
  • Village Kyoto Hotel Japan

    During our stay in Kyoto, Japan - we had the unique pleasure to stay in the Village Kyoto Hotel located […]
  • Arashiyama Monkey Park in Kyoto

    Monkeys, Monkeys, Monkeys! During our daylong excursion to the Arashiyama District of Kyoto, we visited the Iwatayama Monkey Park – a scenic […]
  • Design School in Qatar

    What is it like teaching at VCU in Qatar so far? Fabulous! With a beautiful campus, outstanding facilities, and dedicated […]
  • Tea in Hong Kong

    My final post about my trip to Hong Kong is a tea exhibition. You might be wondering why the focus on […]
  • Hong Kong

    To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect of Hong Kong. Would it be a city filled with cultural […]
  • Motorcycle Accident

    There are moments in life when u feel more cared for than you ever expected. When friends step up for […]
  • Crystal Mountain Resort & Spa

    Crystal Mountain is a hidden jewel in Thompsonville Northern Michigan offering a family retreat for all seasons. As first time visitors, […]
  • Sunet Sail

    One of the highlights of our trip to Mackinac Island was a sunset sail around the straights of Mackinac. Chartered […]
  • Mackinac Island

    This is our second summer vacation to one of my favorite locations in Michigan - Mackinac Island (aka Mackinaw Island). The […]
  • Pure Michigan

    Family vacation in Michigan is something I look forward to every Summer. Not only do I appreciate the lovely mild […]
  • Oslo Norway

    During my trip to Norway this May for the DRS // CUMULUS 2013 Conference, I had the opportunity to do […]
  • Oslo Sights and Attractions

    Wondering what I did on the "tourist side" of things during my trip to Norway? Here's a whirlwind view of […]
  • National Day in Norway

    The Norwegian Constitution Day is the National Day of Norway and it is an official holiday observed on the 17 […]
  • Graffiti and Street Art in Oslo

    The Norwegian city of Oslo weaves together classic architecture with contemporary design into a rich fabric of visual culture. Surrounding […]
  • May Exhibitions in Oslo

    During my recent trip to Oslo Norway for the DRS // CUMULUS Conference, I had the unique opportunity to attend […]
  • Field trip to Al Ain

    One early morning last week, I boarded a bus with my class for a day long adventure to Al Ain […]
  • Middle East Film & Comic Con

    We had a blast at the 2013 Middle East Film & Comic Con (MEFCC) in Dubai this Saturday afternoon. Exhibitions, […]
  • Leftover Rice with Mushrooms

    It seems like this always happens. We cook up a yummy dinner (like last nights coconut curry chicken) and we […]